Here you’ll find any minis that don’t have a home in my collection anymore.

If you’re interested please email on contact(AT)

Unless I’ve said other wise, all minis are finished with 2 tough coats of Vallejo Polyurethane gloss (with an extra coat on any particularly pointy bits) then very matt finish (usually Dullcote). All bases are sealed and painted MDF, with an integral magnet strong enough to hold them to a steel surface (I like Really Useful Boxes with cut steel bases).

Street Fighters – a mix of East Riding and Casting Room Miniatures. £30 UK&EU / £35 Worldwide

GZG Colonial Defence Force – plastic 20mm slotta bases with glued in magnets. Painted using ‘Dip’ method. £30 UK&EU / £35 Worldwide


Converted GZG UNSC light infantry with Vac-packs (taken from Moongrunt Range plus drone). 20mm slotta bases with affixed magnets. £30 UK&EU / £35 Worldwide