Scale Comparison

This is our trusty loading droid H4NK. H4NK is a simple droid, standing about 17.5mm to to the top of his head (without his little aerial) and has a 0.5mm disc underneath him. He's mounted on a 2mm thick MDF base here. He's what we call 'modern 15mm' - not quite an 18mm giant, but taller than classic 15mm.

Here he is stood next to a range of minis from some great 15mm manufacturers.

Above: on the left GZG, on the right Brigade Models. 

Below: a converted Copplestone barbarian and a Slap miniatures space dork.

And Above: a Forged in Battle villager, and an Ion Age Universe droid.

You'll find H4NK in a range of our images, to help judge scale. If you want to download a free H4NK, to check against your own collection before ordering, jump over to this page and add him to your basket, then check-out with your free order (or add him to another order).

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