What am I buying?

Good question! Our products are split between downloadable STL files to print at home and physical product. Depending on the item in question you will receive either an original resin 3D print, a resin cast or (for mostly larger solid items) a Jesmonite cast.

Prints will have the supports removed, but may need some light surface finishing (see 'Preparing Prints').

All castings are checked over, and any issues will be fixed, but please check over you casts - some small bubbles are inevitable and will need a little filling (See 'Working with Resin').

All our images are of the product you will be buying (we think this is important!) and, in the case of 3D prints, printed at the same quality as you receive.

How do I get my download?

An order containing downloadable files will be emailed directly to you after you have completed checkout. The process is almost always immediate, but please allow an hour or two.

I don't have a printer, how can I get this terrain?

We've had great success ordering FDM prints from 3D Hubs but some of our smaller detail is really designed for resin printing. You're probably best ordering a print or casting.

Will these work on my 3D printer?

They should do! It's impossible to tech-support all printers though - our designs are made for resin SLA printers, and you'll need to slice as appropriate. If you have an Anycubic Photon, using Anycubic green resin then we're happy to send .photon files to anyone placing an order.

How to paint?

Blades and Blasters is aimed at wargamers and miniatures hobbyists, so we assume a basic knowledge. Casting Resin, 3D Resin and FDM prints are easily painted once you've finished your surface prep (just like every other miniature). I would always wash anything you receive incase there's any moulding residue (or frontier dust!). Then prime, then crack on!

How do they scale?

We work to a 'larger' 15mm scale, not quite massive 18mm though. A scale references we  keep handy a Copplestone Barbarian and a GZG Brethren of the New Light trooper - both great examples of the 'current' scale of 15mm.

For more scale comparisons, see our dedicated scale page.

Can I print at different scales?

You can certainly try! 15mm is an unusual scale - not quite big, not quite tiny - so requires an odd mix of exaggerated detail and low 'clutter', which might mean prints at other sizes may have too much/too little detail.

For 6mm, most of our items are robust enough that the the reduced wall thickness shouldn't be an issue.

For 28mm, you might find the detail a bit 'over chunky' - just liked if you scaled up a little, blobby 15mm trooper! 

What's a UCC?

A UCC?! This!