Friends of Blades and Blasters

Blades and Blasters doesn't exist in a solar bubble, here's some great other shops and hobby content worth checking out:

Liam Sharp - designer of extraordinary logos amongst other things!

Ground Zero Games - where it began for me (and many other) 15mm sci-fi fans. An incredible range, especially the infantry. Blades and Blasters miniatures are all scaled to fit GZG's newer infantry ranges.

Brigade Models - another long standing 15mm manufacturer, particularly great for vehicles.

Magpie and Old Lead - fantastic painter of old-school sci-fi goodness. A deep well in inspiration.

Crom's Anvil - trade your blaster for a broadsword and visit the dusty town of Simurgh! Excellent 15mm desert oriented fantasy terrain.

Hardware Studios - a much more talented 3D designer than I, mostly in 6mm/Battletech scale. Has been a helpful supporter of Blades and Blasters for a while.

Arcane Scenery and Models - just a really great hobby shop. Where all our supplies come from where possible.

Warbases - I use a variety of methods for basing terrain, but for all vehicles and infantry I use Warbases MDF products, with added magnet holes. A great service, producing whatever it is you need.

Lead Adventure Forum - I've had a few, long running threads on here and have got to know some great people. A nice forum with a good atmoshphere.

The Wargames Website - Another good forum, plenty of smaller scale enthusiasts and an especially DIY attitude.