Clear the Landing Pad!


Welcome to Blades and Blasters miniatures!

I'm a long time hobbyist and for a few years now I've focused on 15mm, particularly Sci-Fi.

Having dabbled in kitbashing, converting, scratchbuilding, sculpting and modelling I've also added 3D design and printing to my hobby repertoire.

I could never quite find what I wanted for 15mm terrain, so I've worked a load up for myself and now I've decided to share with a wider audience, and to support the 15mm Sci-Fi scene.

So, what does Blades and Blasters offer?

A mix of .STL files for those of you with 3D printers at home, resin or plaster cast scenery pieces, and physical 3D prints. Why a mix? I don't want to limit my designs - some things achievable in 3D printing aren't easily castable, and not everything makes sense cost-wise as a 3D print - so I've mixed and matched!

Wave one is up and ready to go, with another wave coming soon.

Thanks very much for visiting!

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