Moongrunt and Space Huts

Evening all, Still haven’t done a huge amount of painting (some base edges for my finished most recent 6mm – images to come once I dig the lightbox out) but I have had some ideas. Firstly, a sci-fi village, ostensibly for my 15mm Crusties (though I have got an order from Black Hat coming in […]

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Moongrunt: Federation of Free Trade Orbitals Rapid Response Squadron

Finally got these guys pretty much finished – I may go back and re-gloss the visors, and the base edges aren’t as tidy as they should be. I’m trying out a new lighting set up too – not perfect, but definitely an improvement. I don’t love the colour scheme, but I’m really pleased with the […]

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Moongrunt: NuCor Terraforming Company WIP

Still works in progress, but here’s the beginnings of the NuCor Terraforming Company survey delegation…

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Moongrunt Colour Test

Painting tiny spacemen is hard…

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Project: Moongrunt

I’ve been looking around for a new project recently, and have found inspiration out in the cold, hard vaccum of space…

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