A Little More 6mm Tau Progress

A few more wee little space blokes…

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More Units for Horizon Wars

No painted minis, but you can download a PDF!

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Painted Horizon Wars and 15mm Corporate Squad

A new force for Horizon Wars and some corporate mercs for jumping out of dropships…

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More Horizon Wars WIP

Still ticking along with these, trying to have them finished in the next couple of days – moving house at the start of August and would like as few unvarnished WIP’s to worry about moving as possible.  Just weathering and detailing (engine’s, lights etc) left to do on this force now, a couple more hours […]

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Horizon Wars Hovertank Force

Hullo all – just clocked that I hadn’t posted these from last week. My first Horizon Wars force: It’s 20p, so at the top end what you’ll need for Horizon Wars and should give a nice balanced force. All Mercenaries from Brigade’s excellent 6mm range. The small radar dish tank is my CHQ (a very […]

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Still Living: Plenty Going On

Hi All, Sorry it’s been quiet round these parts – usual hobby curse of busy living, plus some lovely weather and jumping around between project – so plenty of producing, very little produced. I have, however, been thoroughly excited by the new Horizon Wars rules from Osprey. They cover a ‘scale’ of conflict I’ve wanted […]

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