Ruined Rusty Robot

You find all kinds out in the desert wastes…

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Ork Warz! The First Warband

Evening All, Spent today in the home office, so had a bit of time over a sandwich to make the bases for my first Ork Warz warband. This warband is meant to be ‘classically’ orky – not too theme, just a mix of boyz, a bikerz and trukks. I’m not certain I’ll use the thin […]

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A Little More 6mm Tau Progress

A few more wee little space blokes…

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Hullo again, As promised, here’s an intro to my planned ‘Ork Warz’ project. I really like the 6mm Skinnerz range from Vanguard miniatures and really love Gorkamorka, so why not a 6mm Gorkamorka project? I don’t want to do 6mm Skirmish, so I’m expanding it to a larger scale conflict – imagine the world of […]

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6mm Okami Technology Combine


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More Units for Horizon Wars

No painted minis, but you can download a PDF!

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More Alien Huts

Unusually, here’s some work in progress…

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